An ideal family getaway with Lohono Stays

August 26, 2019

There is nothing truly rejuvenating than a weekend well-spent with your family. There is bliss in the family being together and it is enhanced furthermore with the right place and ambiance. Our luxury holiday homes across the country are all designed at locations with elements that make for an ideal place for bonds to rekindle. The amenities available there are laced with convenience and sophistication, catering to every need and aesthetics of a family getaway. Here is what a family getaway looks like with Lohono Stays.

Celebration by the pool

With our private villa with pool in Goa and Coonoor, a grand time can be spent with your beloveds by the pool. Our concierge services can arrange for anything that you need to make this poolside reunion an absolute hit, from lip-smacking refreshments to pool floats and other accompaniments.

Bond with board games and yoga

Our bungalows for rent and sale in Goa and villas in Coonoor are equipped with not just the basics, but also the luxuries to make your stay truly a memorable one. We have a range of board games to put some joyous interactions and playfulness between your family members. Moreover, our guest relation manager can arrange for a family yoga session for everyone to unwind together.

Explore the destination

Since our holiday homes are all built on scenic lands with proximity to the nature, as well as accessibility to the tourist spots, it is conducive for you and your family to head out and explore the destination together. Our luxury villas in Goa offer good connectivity to the beaches, churches, forts, and of course, the Yacht. Our luxury villas in Coonoor also offer the same connectivity to its trek points and golf courses that are a must visit for a family adventure.

Al Fresco dining

As they say, family that eats together, stays together. We understand the value of family dinners, and when it comes to a grand gathering like this one, a lavish dinner is inevitable. For that very reason, our villas render beautiful al fresco dining for you to converse, share anecdotes, and laugh over. Leave it to our hospitality team to whip out cuisines and dishes that you like, and arrange for you that surreal dinner under the stars, right in the lap of nature.

You know now where you need to head for that uplifting reunion!

Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock, Events High and Atlantis water sports.