A joyous getaway for kids at Lohono Stays by Isprava

August 13, 2019

When it comes to vacations for kids, coming down to a destination that guarantees fun and leisure for them can get tricky. Some typical tourist activities and excessive traveling or adventures may not always fit with them. However, it is also important for them to explore a place to learn about their history and culture, while also getting a dose of the nature. Here is how they can do so conveniently with Lohono Stays without complaining of tiredness and boredom.


There is no ideal holiday for little ones than being away from the city, but close to the nature. Growing up in a city has its pros and cons, and one of its primary disadvantages is to lose touch with raw nature. Now, every luxury holiday home for rent and sale by us has been built at locations that are surrounded by greenery, beaches, hills, and nature’s calm, which need to be experienced by them.


An ideal holiday is also laced with the perfect leisure activities that help you unwind. Usually during holidays, it is difficult to find the right kind of productive things for kids to engage in. But with amenities like pool, pool floats, board games, and the proximity with the major attractions of the destination and nature, every luxury private villa at Lohono is well-equipped, catering to the little ones of the family, too.

A fulfilling vacation for kids is a good balance of some extra-curricular and outdoor activities that they enjoy and some insight into the healing powers that nature has. With that perfect design and choice of location of our houses for sale and rent in Nilgiris and private villas in Goa, all of the above is rendered well, making it a joyous getaway for the kids!

Picture Courtesy: Familii