Girls Gateaway with Lohono Stays

Galentines’ with Lohono

January 28, 2020

21st-century girls’ are ditching romance and looking towards fun. They are no longer waiting on their balcony to be rescued by a prince charming. Instead, they are making everything happen themselves. From paying for dates with their boyfriend to now splitting the cost of even buying a home with their husband, the girl’s nowadays are doing it all. What’s better than an independent women? A group of independent women excelling in life and getting things done. We at Lohono acknowledge these go-getters and hence can curate the perfect holiday for them. This season of love, spend time pampering yourself in the company of your girl-gang. Here’s how Lohono Stays is perfect for you to spend your Galentines. Get an added benefit by using promo code: LOVE2LOHONO* on your love filled holiday with us.

Go partying in Phuket

Best nightlife

Phuket is best known for its up-beat nightlife. This island is an ideal holiday location for all the party girls. Here, you can soak in the sun and let some sand in your hair. Phuket also carries enticing night markets that are a must-visit. After all, which girl does not want to indulge in some street-style shopping? These party hubs are only a drive away from Lohono’s villas for rent in Phuket.

Unwind in Bali

Aromatic spas in Bali with Lohono Stays

Known for its aromatic spas, Bali is the right place to unwind. If you’re over-burdened with work then you must head straight to Bali to untie those knots.  Amidst blue waters and underneath the bright sky is where you and your girlfriends will find peace for sure.

Deep dive in Koh Samui

Deep dive in Koh Samui with Lohono stays

Surrounded by luscious blue waters, this island calls out to the adventure junkies. For girls who can’t sit back, Koh Samui is the pace to be. Here you can enjoy water sports activities and deep sea diving while sipping on tropical cocktails all day.

Treat your taste buds in Goa  

Goa vibes with Lohono Stays

Treat your taste buds with Goa’s local delicacies. The food over here is absolutely delicious and the seafood is a must have. From a variety of fish to prawns, crabs, squids and lobsters, everything is nothing less of juicy and yummy. Better yet, the best of restaurants serving these appetizing meals are only minutes away from Lohono’s Goa villa’s for rent.

Snuggle up in Coonoor

Conoor villas for rent

Sit down for a close knit time together in our Coonoor villas for rent. Here you can spend time laughing uninterruptedly and encouraging a light-hearted competition with board games. You can also dawn your PJs and fluffy slippers to enjoy a fun-filled sleepover theme.

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