Maharashtra’s Best Pet Friendly Villa Options: Your Go-To Guide for Pet-Parent Adventures

May 24, 2024

Do you want to head out of the city for a relaxing getaway but don’t want to leave your pets behind? Lohono Stays solves your ordeal right away. Bringing you a range of pet friendly resorts in Maharashtra. Whether you are looking to spend some sunny days by the beaches in Alibaug or beating the summer’s heat in the misty hill stations of Karjat and Lonavala with your furry friends. Here are 7 pet friendly resorts by Lohono in Maharashtra for your next pet-parent adventures! 

Pet-friendly resorts in Alibaug

1. Casa Del

Designed by architect Pinakin Patel, the symmetries and curves of Casa Del are entirely bathed in Dholpur red stone. The five-bedroom pet friendly resort in Alibaug is set amidst swaying palms with vast open spaces. It invites you to take a step back and relax. The pinkish-red tones of Casa Del contrast with the checkered floors. This creates an atmosphere of dynamic serenity — meditative during the day and brought to life at night by its lighting. 

Spend your days with a dip in the pool, taking a walk on the beach with your four-legged friends. You can also lounge around in the several rooms at the property. 

2. Villa Lani

Defined by its unique circular structure, Villa Lani – translating to ‘heaven’ – is named so with good reason. It is a three-bedroom villa. Villa Lani houses a large living area at its centre, finished in warm, earthy tones, making sure that you feel at home. You can enjoy your meals at the glass-walled dining room, or also take things outside to the patio. 

Villa Lani comes with a vast manicured lawn, leaving plenty of room for your pets to run around. You can spend your time here taking a swim in your private pool, watching the sunset at Nagaon Beach, or simply walking amidst the lush greenery of the villa. 

3. Pranamya 

Pranamya is ideal for large groups of friends and family along with their beloved pets. The villa is equipped with four bedrooms, a private pool, and three different lawns, giving you and your furry pets plenty of room to wind down. Deriving its name from Sanskrit, meaning “bow down”, Pranamya is a great choice for a pet friendly resort in Alibaug. Pranamya houses up to 15 people. The yellow exterior of the villa hides within the four elements of the earth: air, water, fire, and space. This is reflected in the design of each of the tastefully decorated rooms, swathed in hues of white, blue, yellow and red, allowing you to connect with nature both inside and outside. 

At Pranamya, you can sweat a work-out at the private gym, take a walk through the lawns and fruit garden, cool off at the pool, or head out to the beaches and historical forts of Alibaug for more pet-parent adventures. 

Pet-friendly resorts in Karjat

1. Belmonte

We’re sure your pets need a break from the sweltering summer heat as much as you do. What better place to unwind than at Belmonte, a pet friendly resort in Karjat. The four-bedroom property is decorated in an alternate mix of earthy exposed brick and wooden tones juxtaposed against modern interiors and amenities. Whether you want to keep it active or lazy, you can choose to play a game of badminton, enjoy a stroll on the lawns, or snuggle with a good book on the hammock or the two balconies, surrounded by the neighbouring mountains.

To bring you closer to nature, Belmonte comes with two outdoor showers, as well as outdoor options to enjoy your meals. The meals are prepared by Lohono’s in-house chefs, making it an intimate pet friendly resort in Karjat. Whether you’re here with your partner, family, or friends! 

Pet-friendly resorts in Lonavala

1. Om Anantha 

A popular choice among travellers, Lonavala is the perfect hill station getaway in Maharashtra, and if you are looking for a pet friendly resort in Lonavala, look no further than Om Anantha. The Sahyadri range ensconces the four-bedroom villa. Each bedroom comprises an independent unit, ensuring that it offers you a secluded and private space. The main attraction of the property is the infinity that overlooks the pristine Pawna Lake, where you can catch sunsets in the evening. 

Beige tones flank the interiors, along with wooden furniture, stone floors, and exposed brick walls. This creates a calm ambience. At Om Anantha, you truly sit in the lap of nature as you take a breezy shower in the open-air bathrooms or enjoy a scrumptious meal on the patio.

2. Villa Arborz

Villa Arborz is set against the Western Ghats at a height of 3,000 ft. It offers panoramic views of the mountain range and hills around you. The four-bedroom villa is a great choice for a pet friendly resort in Lonavala. Placing you in the heart of nature with its living area that seamlessly extends into an outdoor patio. Artfully decorated with wicker chairs, wooden beds, writing desks, and beautifully tiled bathrooms, Villa Arborz offers an intimate getaway from home. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore the area, the hospitality team at Lohono Stays will be more than glad to organise short trips to the many forts, caves, and viewpoints in the area, along with a bespoke picnic-style lunch.