Best & Safe Places to Visit in Monsoon in India 2024: A Complete Guide

May 25, 2024

The unseasonal rainy weather over parts of India is making people pin their hopes on the arrival of monsoon clouds. The gradual transformation of the dry and rugged landscapes into verdant sceneries beckons every traveller who loves the outdoors. The months of July to September are the time when everyone starts planning their monsoon getaways. But choosing a safe destination has become a prerequisite, given the unpredictability that heavy rains can sometimes bring. We make this easier for you – here’s a list of the best places to visit in monsoon in India which are safe and offer beautiful spots to explore. 

Lonavala – The Quickest and Safe Monsoon Destination

One spell of shower prompts Lonavala to mind, the nearest hill station near Pune and Mumbai. A popular weekend destination, Lonavala tops most lists of best places to visit in rainy season. With the valley views of wispy rainy clouds, the bare mountains coming to life with fresh verdure and gushing waterfalls, Lonavala is a great choice if you want to take a quick weekend getaway in monsoons. 

While the chances of encountering rainfall here are higher than in the cities, it is a safe destination to travel to during monsoons. The water slips down the mountains and there are no chances of flooding. 

Naturally crowded with everyone flocking here throughout the season, you can choose exclusivity by staying at private villas. Villa Alborz is at the base of Visapur Fort, while Villa Om Anantha sits on the edge of the tranquil Pawna Lake, an infinity pool stay in Lonavala! 

Jaipur – Enjoy Monsoons With a Slice of Royalty 

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is more pleasing during the rains; the harsh sun goes down and slight drizzle forms a pleasant ambience to explore. Known for stunning historic architecture, royal palaces and vibrant markets, Jaipur is one of the best places to visit in monsoons in India. The arid scenery turns lush, making heading out more comfortable as the temperatures stay between 24-30° C. The famous City Palace, Amber Fort, and Nahargarh Fort in the Aravali Hills are all a sight to behold with the vast views they offer. 

It is natural to seek a royal stay experience as you visit the regal monuments. Lohono Stays can fulfil your desires, if you stay at Srinivas, a private residence of a royal family. From special performances, serving age-old recipes or yoga and spa sessions, live like royalty. Holiday with grandeur and let our staff take care of your needs. 

Mahabaleshwar – Beautiful Hill Station During Monsoons in Maharashtra 

Take a long weekend trip to Mahabaleshwar in monsoons and experience the therapeutic effects of nature. The scenic winding roads leading through the Western Ghats are as alluring as this destination. Mahabaleshwar is known for its numerous vantage points accentuating nature’s beauty. The valleys covered with fluffy clouds are a spectacle worth watching. 

Being on the hilltop, the rains are heavier but the water spills down and joins cascading waterfalls. Dhobi Waterfall, Lingmala Waterfall, Vajrai Waterfall are some of the must-see tourist spots to enjoy from a safe distance. If you visit towards the end of the monsoons, you can also explore Kaas Plateau – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers. 

Gold Mist, a villa for families in Mahabaleshwar, lets you embrace the complete beauty of the hill station. Located at the mountain’s edge, be assured of having a private vantage point with no other tourists. 

Kasauli – Safe Monsoon Destination in North India

Enjoy the cooler climes in the mountains of Kasauli. Is it a safe place to visit in monsoon, you wonder? Kasauli gets intermittent rains compared to the other parts in the north and thus is a good choice for travelling during the early monsoon days. The temperatures range between 10-20° C so you can enjoy a pleasant winter spell too. The onset of spring decks the mountain valleys in refreshing blooms, so head out on trails and small treks. Bring small souvenirs from Mall Road or the characteristic Tibetan markets. 

You should check out Windsong Villa in Kasauli if you make a monsoon trip here. This 3-storey home with multi-level decks offers picturesque views of the mighty mountains. 

Coorg – A Monsoon Paradise in South

Plan a trip to Coorg during monsoons to partake in unfiltered green landscapes. The hillstations in South India come to life with the rains and Coorg turns into a verdant paradise. The intensity of rainfall can be felt here, but someone who adores the pitter-patter will love every minute spent exploring. The gushing waterfalls- Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Mallalli Falls and Chelavara Falls present the thrill and excitement of a fun-filled monsoon adventure. 

What if we told you, you could stay in a private home with a stream cascading around the property, assuring a gentle melody during your holiday? Enjoy this soothing ambience at NP Villa in Coorg, surrounded by its own coffee plantation! 

For a more indulgent vacation with a guided safari in a reserve forest, ayurvedic massages, riverside picnics and relishing Kodava cuisines you can book a luxurious stay at Whispering Waters. 

Coonoor – A Tranquil and Safe Monsoon Getaway Destination

Coonoor has to be among the best places to visit in rainy season if you love the rain-kissed ambience and lush sceneries. Despite the evergreen environment, monsoon tends to be off-season here, which is good for you to explore the lesser-known gems. The influence of rains increases from mid-August to September end, which can restrict outdoor activities. 

Secure your stay at a private villa like Albany Cottage and revel in the natural hues of green landscapes. Situated at an altitude of 1,850 m in a picturesque part of Wellington, this pet-friendly 4BHK home offers a stunning view. 

Srinagar and Pahalgam – Explore the Scenic Wonders of Kashmir

The heaven-on-earth state is a delight no matter which season you go in. The scenery changes and offers its unique charm from summers, winters or even monsoons. Kashmir experiences uneven rainfall and thus the weather also varies. But Srinagar and Pahalgam are best places to visit during monsoon here. The rainfall is moderate and the light sunny days combine a pleasant atmosphere to explore. During July to September, temperatures are between 14°C to 25°C. 

Imagine, a shikara ride during drizzle in the tranquil Dal Lake… an enchanting experience in itself! With Lohono Stays, you can even stay in one luxurious boathouse by the Nigeen Lake. Harmukh Houseboat stay boasts traditional wood-panelled interiors, opulent ceilings, and plush hand-woven carpets that give you a glimpse of Kashmir’s rich heritage.

Pahalgam transforms into an even more beautiful paradise during monsoon with fresh blooms and the rains breathing life into the valleys. It is also the time of Amarnath Yatra so you will have a lot of tourists heading here. Consider staying at a heritage property like Hill Retreat to have an exclusively catered monsoon getaway in Kashmir. 

The intensity of monsoons is drastically different from North, Central to South India. These are some of the popular and safe destinations where you can enjoy the rains and the transformative retreat they offer. When deciding amongst the best places to visit in rainy season, always research the current and upcoming weather conditions.

For a safe and hassle-free experience, book a villa with us. Lohono Stays’ team can help you understand all the details from the locals, as well as arrange for special arrangements, like monsoon treks and trails wherever possible.