Lohono Stays, full-sanitised getaway

March 19, 2020

To safeguard the interests and well-being of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. It is our most honest effort to provide the most hygienic and safe shelter to all our guests. Your stay at Lohono Stays’ homes is sure to be a relaxing one. In these difficult times, Lohono Stays would like to extend a friendly hand of security and comfort. Here is how we at Lohono Stays are raising the standards of hygiene and sanitation:

1. Fully sanitised getaway

While trying to reach your Lohono Stays luxury holiday home, you can get unblemished from the moment you step into your ride. If you have availed for our pick-up and drop services, you will find our cars fully loaded with alcohol-based sanitisers, sterilised wet wipes and a safety box. We would also like to advise all our guests to take the wheel in their own hands and we mean literally! Instead of taking the crowd dominated route of airplanes and trains, guests can travel by road, in private cars instead.

2. Regular monitoring of temperatures

We regularly monitor the temperatures of not only our guests, but also our staff members. This step is crucial in order to keep the chaotic atmosphere under control.

3. Sanitised homes


Our villas are cleaned on a daily basis with alcohol-based disinfectants, with special attention to frequently touched surfaces like counters, doors and staircases. All our villas are equipped with alcohol-based sanitisers for all guests. Our swimming pools are deep-cleaned on a daily basis with effective and necessary disinfectants.

4. Hospitality at its best

At Lohono Stays, we love to pamper our guests. It is our aim to make sure you enjoy the most comforting, safe and relaxing time at your Goa villas for rent, villas in Alibaug or luxury villas in Lonavala. Our hospitality staff is warm yet prompt, thoughtful and proactive. Our staff is trained to regularly wash their hands and wear hairnets while cooking and serving. They also keep dropping friendly reminders to all our guests to repeatedly sanitise their hands.

5. Quarantine in style

We understand how difficult and scary it must be to be living in overly-populated cities during difficult times like these. Hence, we offer safe shelter, away from the city’s chaos in quaint locations. Our homes are fully stocked with all the prerequisites, from coffee to Wifi. Here you can catch-up from much-needed family time while keeping them safe and secure.