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Beyond a Travel with Lohono

July 25, 2020

When you stay with Lohono, you will level up in the domain of amazing experiences. If it is on your bucket list, it’s on ours too. Whether you want to go rock climbing or sky diving, trekking along the off beat path through the mountains or going on a culture trail through a local village, Lohono has you covered. The experiences are not limited to adventure alone, we’ll pick the best spots and curate the most memorable moments for you.

Charter flights

Travel with Lohono
We understand the rising concerns for safety while traveling and thus, we are excited to bring to you an exclusive charter service! Hop onto a private charter with just your loved ones and safely reach are fully sanitized villa. The Lohono Experience is now from your door to ours!

Private car

Private Car
The Lohono experience begins even before you step into our homes. We ensure that every step of your getaway is safe, comfortable and luxurious. Whether this means organizing a sanitized car and driver service or curating a hearty family meal for you, we will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing but perfect.

Concierge service

Concierge service
When on a holiday with Lohono, experience elevated luxury. Our well trained and widely connected concierge team works intuitively to make sure you and your family are always happy and comfortable.

Time for barbeque

Delicious Food
From the glistening, monsoon-drenched greenery to the picturesque streets of Goa, everything just looks a little better with Lohono! And this weather is just the perfect time to head outdoors. Imagine hosting a small barbeque evening with your family and playing some fun board games. Take that much needed trip!

A holiday calls for a relaxing spa

Relaxing Spa
Is it really a getaway if you haven’t indulged in a relaxing massage? With our hand-picked selection of personalized guest experiences, we strive to make your stay truly unforgettable.

Personal Chef? Yes please!

Personal Chef
The perfect getaway is always with the best meals. Our in-house chefs have been trained by the best in the business. So when you come over, you will never want to leave the villa because all the cuisines you can imagine, will be under one roof.

Keep your little ones entertained

Kids Play Area
Home-schooling is a task for you and the kids! But we can definitely make it a tad-bit easy. Bring your kids to Lohono Stays and see them change! Massive pools, private gardens, board games, all that open space – will be enough to keep them happy and entertained. After all, don’t you need a break too?

Yoga and Sound Meditation

Cherish mindful moments by practising yoga and sound meditation right in the lap of nature. We have empanelled experienced therapists that offer a range of recreational activities, fulfilling your every need. With Lohono, experience services and moments that are beyond a travel.

Peddle your way

Peddle your way
Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of life, like watching the sun set, sipping a hot cuppa in the rains or riding a bicycle. At Lohono, it’s all about these little joys of life that add a much deeper meaning to your experiences, making your stay beyond a travel.

Water sports

Water Sports
Goa and Alibaug, being coastal towns; are home to some really exhilarating water sports. If you are an adventure junkie, you can engage in scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, paddle boarding and so much more on the buzzing beaches in these beautiful destinations.

Villa Beira Mar, AlibaugVilla Beira Mar, Alibaug

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