Happy children

Spreading Kindness

February 4, 2020


Mark Twain rightly said “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Kindness is a virtue we live by and try to inherent in our everyday activities. No act of kindness, big or small could ever be wasted. Holding the door open for someone, reminding someone to wear their seatbelt, offering a smile while making a payment or helping someone cross the street, they all count as small acts of kindness. And these small acts of kindness add up to making the world a better place.

Act of kindness


Lohono Stays is making constant efforts to spread kindness all around. This #WeekOfLove we would like to acknowledge the silent heroes. Those who are fighting a battle every day without any guns or weapons.  Lohono Stays welcomes all those fighting cancer to spend a day unwinding at Lohono Stays’ villas in Lonavala. This initiative is in association with KARO and we are celebrating its endeavours. It is our genuine effort to appreciate everything that forms a part of our nature and environment and contribute to it. Hence, our Goa villas for rent, villas for rent in Coonoor and luxury holiday homes incorporate sustainable measures.  We understand the importance of conserving water, thus we have incorporated water harvesting in all our homes. This is a technique used for collecting, storing and reusing water for personal and non-drinking purposes. Depending upon tank size and climate, this process helps one save on water expenses and reduces the mains water use by 80%, thereby reducing the demand for groundwater and mains water. Another way of how we strive to preserve our water resources is by including drip & sprinkler irrigation methods in our courtyards. Drip and sprinkler methods of irrigation provide efficient coverage to small and large areas and minimize surface runoff and water loss through evaporation. We inculcate the art of reusing, repurposing and refurbishing to give every home an old-world charm. Every home is furnished with antique art and interior décor. Almost all the doors and windows are sourced from heritage buildings like old government offices, post offices, mansions and old hospitals across India. All our homes are surrounded with lush greenery and pristine views of trees, fields, hills and valleys. As for the landscape of each home, we inculcate a palette of trees and plants, traditional to the location, to evoke the greenery of the place. For instance one of our homes in Goa, Casa Brava has a green count of ~2175; our first ever gated community in Goa, Igreha Villas has a green count of ~3900 which includes the trees, bushes and flowering plants planted.

Security Fences


Furthermore, we took upon the responsibility of building a fence around the middle stream of Coonoor River. The fence has been built to act as a deterrent against future dumping. The construction cost which amounted to Rs. 7 lakhs has been entirely borne by us.  However, nature is not the only aspect that needs help and special care. There are millions of kids around the world that go to sleep unfed. We took the initiative to feed 300 children in Coonoor. We look forward to reaching more children and try to help them. At Lohono Stays, we try to inculcate sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

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