How Lohono Stays is fighting Covid-19

How Lohono Stays is fighting Covid-19

April 11, 2020

These unprecedented times have caused havoc in the functioning of all economies resulting in a standstill. Many households and companies find it difficult to cope with the current lockdown situation. As important as it is to get work turning out, it is more important to ensure the safety and well-being of all our employees. Fortunately, we at Lohono Stays have managed to tackle the challenge caused by this pandemic. Realising the density of the situation soon enough, we were able to proactively apply the work from home policy.

Work from Home

Applying the work from home policy well in time, helped us safeguard the interests of all our team members. However, this was not the smoothest ride. Considering our operations run in over 4 locations across India and South East Asia, we had to ensure that everybody was secure. We ensured that every staff member or villa member staying at our luxury holiday homes received the bare necessities to get through these quarantined times in perfect health. To enhance the productivity of all our team members, our CEO, Mr. Nibhrant Shah personally suggests good articles to read and encourages all to build on their skillset. Our team members are also encouraged to take up online courses, better yet we are setting up online MasterClasses for them. These will help all team members to learn and grow every day.

Our team is constantly working on improving the sanitation and comfort offered at our villas for rent in Goa, luxury villas in Lonavala, Coonoor villas for rent and private villas for rent in Alibaug. We want to be able to immediately get back into action as soon as things are up and running again. We at Lohono Stays, urge everyone to stay safe and stay at home. This battle can only be won by everyone staying indoors.

Picture courtesy – The print and Anadolu Agency