Outdoor seating at a luxury villa

Lohono, so professional yet so personal

December 6, 2019

Traditionally, the words professional and personal were almost seen as antonyms. In a work environment, one had to set aside their personal ways of being from avoiding them to come between their professional choices. Mixing professionalism and personal aspects was not considered the most ideal situation. To be professional means to be efficient, practical, sharp, clear-headed, etc. While being professional, you cannot let your emotions cloud your judgement or decisions. Being personal on the other hand involves the use of emotions.  Emotions play a big role in the decision-making and processes of the individual and firm.

Fine dining at Lohono Stays

At Lohono Stays by Isprava, we have found the right balance between both. We believe in providing our customers with the most professional services with our very own personal touch. Lohono functions on the efficiency of its team. Our hospitality team provides our customers with a seamless and hassle-free booking experience. They are prompt to answer all doubts and guide our customers through the entire booking process. At the same time, they are sure to inform the customers about unstable network coverage or looking into their special requests. Our on-ground team which includes our guest relations team and housekeeping staff provide the best of concierge services. They make sure our customers have the most comfortable stay at a Lohono home. From before check-in until after check-out, the teams make sure to look after our customer’s every need. From airport transfers to serving meals on time, from providing cosy pillows and comforters to making sure you leave nothing behind, the teams are on top of it all. Lohono’s luxury holiday homes and private villas in Goa, Coonoor, Lonavala and Alibaug are also well-equipped with the most advanced technical appliances.  While all this speaks about the professional capabilities of Lohono Stays, here is how we also add the personal elements to our services. At Lohono, we understand what it takes to make a holiday special. So we put in our best efforts to make this possible. From providing boards games and a cup of hot chocolate by the fire mantle in our villas in Coonoor, flamingo floaties and other accessories in our Goa villas with a private pool, reserving a candlelight dinner in the famous Alibaug restaurants or setting up a fun barbecue in the backyard of luxury villas in Lonavala, a holiday at Lohono caters to it all.

Luxurious bedroom at Lohono Stays

For us, it is important to apply the best combination of professional and personal aspects of our services and all that we do. As systematic and organised we like to be in all our services, we also prefer to be equally understanding and helpful.