Lohono Cares

March 17, 2020


A big tide of unfortunate events has hit the shores of our country. Titled a natural disaster by the government, the fears of the Covid-19 virus have spread all over. Chaos and panic have taken over everybody’s state of mind. In these difficult times, Lohono Stays would like to extend a friendly hand of security and comfort. 

At Lohono Stays, we believe that our customer is our king. Following this belief, we have made sure to provide our customers with all the help and support they need. We have taken these serious measures into our hands to ensure a hygienic stay at our villas for rent in Goa, villas for rent in Alibaug and luxury villas in Lonavala. We advise our guests to travel by road in private cars instead of making use of public-dominated transport like trains and airplanes.While on the road, make sure to carry all the necessary disinfectants. Once you reach your Lohono luxury holiday home, you will find alcohol-based sanitisers, sterilised towels and sheets, sanitary paper towels and hygienic utensils. Every corner, counter and ceiling are deep-cleaned by alcohol-based disinfectants on a daily basis. Our pools too are deep-cleaned with all the essential disinfectants regularly.

Our hospitality team is warm yet prompt, thoughtful and proactive. From regularly monitoring their temperature to washing and sanitising their hands, the housekeeping staff at Lohono Stays fights and keeps germs and illnesses at more than an arm’s distance. They also keep dropping friendly reminders to all our guests to repeatedly sanitise their hands. All of Lohono’s Goa villas for rent, private bungalows on rent in Alibaug with swimming pool and villas on rent in Lonavala are only minutes away from medical stores and hospitals. We also assure a doctor standby on call. Our homes also come equipped with medical box safe-keeping important prerequisites.

 To safeguard the interests and well-being of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. It is our most honest effort to provide the most hygienic and safe shelter to all our guests. Your stay at Lohono Stays’ homes is sure to be a relaxing one.