what isprava hospitality has to offer

What Lohono Hospitality has to offer

July 19, 2019


A vacation is more than a change of location and just a momentary stay at a property. A true holiday is an all-encompassing escape that frees you of the stress and refills you with new energy in every aspect – mental, emotional, and physical. We know and understand that very well. An ideal getaway is made of the right location, the right environment, the perfect accommodation, and of course, quality experience. These experiences, we believe, emerge from the charm of the destination, yes, but it also arises from the comfort and luxury it offers you.

Well-aware of these facts, when we design and build our luxury private villas across India we blend the luxury of our impeccable hospitality services with the overall aesthetic of our holiday homes. We believe these amenities and services complete the whole holiday experience, and make it grander than it is supposed to be. Our housekeeping is always present and on the toes to attend to every need of yours, from the basics and the necessities to all the nitty-gritties and requirement of yours. They keep the premises neat and organised, cook you wholesome meals, and arrange for the extras you may need for a pool party or just a good time in our villa. Whether it is to book you a car, an appointment with the masseuse or a yoga class. Anything that you need, all you have to do is ask.

At our luxury holiday homes, your day begins with a scrumptious spread of breakfast cooked by our expert in-house staff. And as your day kick-starts, the Guest Relationship Manager and the team at the Travel Desk extend their hand to you for every need that may arise. Booking at a restaurant, planning of a party, or simply arranging for a bespoke affair for you or your guests, everything can be conceptualised and presented to you with utmost quality and amicability.

Board games for a group or kids, other pool toys, and other items for you to engage with can easily be taken care of by them, as well. Safe to say, we strive to provide luxury in every sense. After all, it is the quality of the services and essence it is rendered with, that truly makes for great hospitality and hence, an incomparable experience.