Best Luxury Villas Available for Rent in Lonavala 

June 4, 2024

Picture this… You are at your work desk, you look out the window and see a few clouds moving to hide the harsh sun. You feel a respite and realize it may start raining very soon. Your mind wanders further, where would you like to be, eating hot bhajiyas or roasted corn cobs? Lonavala? For people in Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala in monsoons is not a passing thought, it is a must-do thing. Don’t let the tourist crowds and traffic snarls bother you when you choose to vacation at luxury villas in Lonavala. 

Lonavala is located just 85 km from Mumbai and 67 km from Pune. This pleasant tourist spot makes for a refreshing quick getaway. Instead of a quick 1-day trip, enjoy a relaxing weekend or take a workation with your loved ones. We give you a list of luxury villas in Lonavala. Enjoy and experience the rains much better than the popular viewpoints. 

Luxury Villas In Lonavala

1. Villa Trisara 

About half an hour away from the main city, this villa for rent in Lonavala is perfect for enjoying a quiet weekend getaway. This 5-bedroom home with a private pool provides views of the sunrise over the Sahyadri mountains. Wake up to the golden hues, take a dip in the large private pool, unwind with a book on the lawns or sit chitchatting on the spacious deck. Bond with your kids by playing a round of board games. If its not raining heavily, you can head to the Aamby Valley in the evening. 

2. Villa Alborz 

The charming private home Villa Alborz sits at the base of the famous Visapur fort. This pet-friendly villa on rent in Lonavala is best suited for friends or families who love exploring outdoors. Among other luxury villas in Lonavala, this home has a pool that faces the mountain valleys, give you another splendid view of the sunset. There is breathtaking scenery all around, which tempts you to step out and enjoy the nature some more. Our team can help you plan nature trails or excursions to the nearby historic forts and caves. 

3. Uday Villa

This villa on rent in Lonavala is ideal if you are looking for a sophisticated space with contemporary styles. A 4BHK villa with a private pool, gazebo, outdoor bar and expansive lawns is perfect for hosting special occasions and celebrations. Floor-to-ceiling French doors, impressive glass chandeliers, chic indoors with artsy pieces and bold furnishings present an eclectic mix to live within. All four bedrooms are distinctly different from one another, which adds an element of surprise when you first walk in. 

If you are someone who admires the interiors and looks for pretty corners, you will have a delightful time at this villa for rent in Lonavala. 

4. Om Anantha 

If you are looking at luxury villas in Lonavala with views of the Pawna Lake, Om Anantha will be your best choice. It is a 4-bedroom independent villa with an infinity pool that appears to merge with the lake waters. The peaceful ambience and the sound of rain over the lakewater can be a melody to your luxurious staycation. 

Om Anantha Infinitium: Sharing the same view is another villa to rent in Lonavala, the Om Anantha – Infinitum, an independent 1, 3 bedroom structure. This private den is tastefully furnished and is ideal for a couple seeking a romantic getaway. Enjoy a cosy stay by the lakeside, while taking in the beauty of Pawna Lake. It has a palatial bathroom with a shower and bathtub, one side opening to the pristine lakeside. 

If you wish to surprise your partner with an unforgettable stay at luxurious villas in Lonavala, this home is more than perfect. It provides optimum comfort with beautiful surroundings. 

A drive to Lonavala with the arrival of the rainy season has become indispensable but to experience the true beauty and solace of the tourist hotspot, choose a villa. Our luxury villas in Lonavala are all equipped with modern amenities, elderly-friendly and assure of warm hospitality. The next time you look for a villa to rent in Lonavala, you must visit Lohono Stays.