The perfect boys trip with Lohono

December 20, 2019

Everybody needs a fun getaway. And what’s a better holiday than one with your guy gang. An impromptu midnight drive to a town close by or a well-planned bachelor’s trip, whichever it may be, it is always exciting with your lads. Lohono Stays is present across beautiful and fun-filled locations and we have picked the right spots for every boy’s trip plan.

Lonavala and Alibaug

 Green hills with trees and mountains

If you and your boys are all for impromptu trips and a quick scenic drive then Lonavala and Alibaug are the destinations you must straight drive to. These locations are just the right spot to sit down and chill. Lazing around on the living room couch while humming to some background music and laughing all night long is what a stay in these locations has to offer. Lohono’s villas in Lonavala and villas for rent in Alibaug host just the right ambience and space to turn your boys’ trip into the most memorable one.


 Beach Side View in Goa

This one is for the boys who like a mix and match of everything. From partying all night long to blissful dips in the sea, from nervous excitement at the casino to elaborate yacht rides, from a quick swim in the pool to devouring in a lavish meal, Lohono Stay’s villa for rent in Goa is your go-to. Known for its beaches, sunsets and shacks, Goa is the destination you must visit to spend a good 5-6 days bonding and enjoying with your lads.

South-East Asia

South-East Asia

A trip of a lifetime is right before when your best bud is about to tie the knot. So why not go all out and grab this excuse to experience your very own “Hangover”. Thanks to the movie we already know how South-East Asia is the absolute destination to head to for your bachelor’s trip. Add on to the fun and leave the stress of finding the most comfortable stay to Lohono Stays. Allow us to provide you with the most stunning villas in Bali, Phuket and Koh Samui and a hassle-free stay so that you can truly enjoy your gala time.


Villas in Coonoor

This destination is the most befitting for the men who enjoy a smooth hand at golf by the day and glass of fine scotch at night. Sitting by the fire mantle and talking shop with valley views, is everything to look for in Lohono Stay’s Villas in Coonoor. A relaxing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and going over some business talks and structuring with your best buddies is a trip you all deserve. Couple this with Lohono’s prompt yet warm home-style service and you might not even miss your Mrs’. 

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