Things to do in Goa in October

September 25, 2019

Goa is popularly known for its sandy coastlines, throbbing nightlight and delicious seafood. Goa is not only a go-to place for adrenaline junkies seeking adventures amidst its waters, but also a blissful place to stay for those who seek peace.  The month of October sees Goa re-opening its arms to tourists and travellers with the best of things. October marks the beginning of what is known as season time, in Goa. Couple your trip to Goa with a Lohono home to enjoy a hassle-free and luxurious vacation delivered in your hands. We have crafted a list of all the to-dos that you can have on your list while you visit Goa this October.

Beach Side villas Anujna

Spend your days relaxing and rejuvenating while you soak your feet in the calm waters of the beach. A few clean and lively beaches are Ashvem, Candolim, Calangute, Vagator and Anjuna. These beaches are encompassed by several beach shacks serving delicious food and chilled beers. They lie only minutes away from Lohono’s luxury villas with a private swimming pool in Goa. Enjoy the bonus of spa services to calm your nerves and a fun swim in the pool at Lohono’s luxury villas for rent in Goa.

Churches of Goa

Scroll through the Goan villages and seek peace in the churches of Goa. The Goan Villages and Churches still host beautiful Portuguese and French designs and architecture. Some tourist famous churches are the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Goa's night parties

For nights, enjoy and sway to the thumping beats of Goa’s parties. Relish the classy three-floored ambience of Club Cabana or the dramatic entrance of Club Love Passion Karma along with various other clubs.

Scuba diving at Goa

Another thing to knock off your to-do list, while in Goa is the adventures of the sea. Take a dip in the water while you go diving and snorkeling or be thrilled by the water sports. Waving goodbye to the rains allows us to say hello to the friendly seas. Goa resumes all water-related activities in October allowing all travellers to taste the salty waters.

Restaurants and cafes at Goa

Savour the delicious seafood served by Goa’s delightful restaurants and watch the scenic sunset. Some must-visit restaurants and cafes are Thalassa, Antares, Baba Au Rhum, Ciao Bella and so on. As mentioned above, all the shacks around the beaches also resume serving the best of their cuisines from October. Take delight in these mouth- watering delicacies along with hearing the call of the beach

Wellness retreat with spiritual exercise

Lastly, do not miss your chance to be a part of Lohono’s wellness retreat that will be taking place this October at Lohono’s private villa’s In Goa. Lohono’s wellness retreat will help you escape your mundane life and renew your state of mind. Get in touch with your spiritual self, relax, exercise and rejuvenate at the specially curated wellness retreats in Lohono’s Goa villa for rent and sale.