Travelling Post the Pandemic

Travel Trends in a Post Coronavirus World

May 11, 2020


By Aarti Sheth

As we live through a pandemic of epic proportions, we are reevaluating the way we live, work and travel. Life as we know it, is bound for change and one of the most telling signs will be the way we travel. Here are some top predictions for the post-coronavirus travel era.

Enjoying at Beaches

1. ‘Incredible India’ Will Be The New Favourite
With everything happening around the world, people will feel safer traveling closer to home. India has so much to offer in terms of beauty, diversity and culture, so it’s finally time to take notice of its hidden gems. Domestic travel is slated to open up before international travel, and ticket prices (though expensive) will not be as prohibitive as traveling abroad, making it the ideal choice for holidays in the near future.

2. There’ll Be Plenty Of Short Vacations & Quick Getaways

Short Vacations
Lockdown has us spending more time away from our office desks than ever before! Therefore, it’s not likely that when we are finally allowed back to our workspaces, we will be able to get away for lengthy vacations. As everyone diligently plays catch-up to minimize the dent in their work calendars, long-weekend trips to nearby destinations, staycations and short getaways, will become the holidays of choice.

3. Travellers Will Stay Differently

Higher Safety Concerns
Sanitation measures will be the new safety and security measures. Instead of booking crowded hotels with high traveller turnover, people will become more discerning and careful in their choices. They are likely to pick trusted brand names, who pay attention to sanitary measures. Similarly, private villas for rent in Goa, Alibaug and Lonavala with private facilities like pools, will win over public properties and facilities, as people continue to feel safer in their own space.

4. Conscious Travel Will Become Important

Conscious Travel Habits
All the time we’ve had for introspection has left us reeling from discussions about the future of our planet and the lifestyle choices we make. As more people become conscious of their environmental footprints, their choices will automatically reflect the same. Destinations, airlines and stay partners who take sustainability initiatives seriously, will become a part of responsible traveller decisions.

5. Road Trips Will Rise
As people do their best to avoid non-essential air travel, the good-old, family road trips will continue to rise. Getting in the car with your loved ones and taking a drive to your favourite hill station or out-of-city getaway is the perfect cost-effective solution for family holidays. Fortunately, Lohono Stays’ luxury villas in Lonavala and villas for rent in Alibaug are just a stone’s throw away from the city.

6. We’ll Go Back To Nature and Wildlife
Big cities like Mumbai, London, Paris and New York have been long time crowd favourites, but are worst hit by the pandemic. As travel opens up again, people will choose to continue to be in more isolated surroundings that offer natural social distancing as a part of their essence. Safari destinations, wilderness retreats, mountainscapes, quite beaches and small private stays surrounded by nature will be popular choices.

7. Some Travel Will Be More Affordable & You’ll Be Looking At That Bucket List
Although flights may become temporarily more expensive, destinations who rely on tourism will make a counter bid to become more attractive. That means hotel prices will drop and luxury will become more affordable, tempting travellers to take the trip. It’s probably time to look at that Italian Rivera or Scandinavian Fjords holiday you’ve had on your bucket list forever.

8. The Focus Will Be On Experiences

Best Dining Experience
With the lockdown forcing introspection on most of us, perspectives change. As humans we will value interactions more; our actions will reflect empathy and family time will become supremely important. In this new scenario experiences will trump purchases, your trip to shopping capitals will be replaced by the perfect family getaway.

Pool View

With these new travel trends shaping our future travel, Lohono Stays is perfectly poised for the post Covid-19 travel age. With over 200 luxury holiday homes and private vacation rentals, in some of India’s favourite getaway destinations like Goa, Coonoor, Alibaug and Lonavala, Lohono is perfect for road trips, nature retreats and getaways from big cities with friends or family. They pay attention to sanitation, cleanliness, sustainability and conscious living. Besides following strict hygiene protocols, a large number of the luxury villas use recycled materials for home furnishings, incorporate water harvesting techniques and waste segregation. If you are celebrating, the skilled concierge can offer exceptional gourmet and entertainment experiences for you and your loved ones.