Villas or Hotels? Wiser Choice for Your Next Getaway

December 14, 2023

When planning a family vacation, a friends’ getaway, or a celebration with your loved ones, where you stay is a crucial factor that can significantly impact the overall experience. The debate between booking multiple hotel rooms versus opting for a multi-bedroom villa is an important consideration worth exploring – one that’s coming up more frequently than ever. In India, the charm of a luxurious private villa with multiple rooms surpasses the convenience of multiple hotel rooms for several reasons, notably cost-effectiveness, togetherness, and exclusive amenities. Still not sure? Let us explain.

Are villas cheaper than hotels?

Booking several hotel rooms, especially in luxurious five-star hotels, can quickly ensure your budget is overshot. The cumulative cost of multiple rooms per night can often surpass the price of renting an entire multi-bedroom villa.

For instance, booking 4 rooms at a 5-star hotel in Goa would cost you nothing short of INR 60,000 per night.

Now, if you take a look at our opulent 4-bedroom Villa Kefi in Goa, per night it would cost you about INR 40,000 too.

All right, let’s concede that at times in certain locations, even a 5-star hotel room could cost you INR 10,000. For 4 rooms, that would be INR 40,000. But then, would you get your own private pool? Or a dining area, to share meals with your friends and family? The answer is no

Togetherness & Proximity

One of the most significant drawbacks of booking multiple hotel rooms is the challenge of securing rooms close together or on the same floor. Reminder: you won’t have to worry about how far your best friend’s room is, at your engagement party get away, if she’s staying in the same bungalow as you! Even if you manage to get adjacent rooms, you’re not really together. Think about it: Are you able to wake up, and make breakfast together with your newly-wed husband? Can you walk to your parents’ room in your pyjamas comfortably? Probably not. But you could, if you were staying in your own villa. In contrast to hotel rooms, a multi-bedroom villa ensures that everyone is under the same roof, fostering a sense of unity and closeness throughout the stay. This shared space allows you to create shared memories – ones you’ll cherish for a long time.

Privacy & Exclusivity

At a hotel, no matter how fancy or luxurious, you’d still be sharing the pool with other hotel guests. Or the dining room. Or the lounge area. Hotels often lack the privacy that villas can offer. But at a villa, you could have your own private pool to relax in, with no one around to look or bother you. At a villa, you’d have your own lounge area, your own dining area, your own everything. Villas allow for intimate gatherings and shared meals without disturbances from other guests.

All right, let’s say you’re still on the fence. You know, what about room service, housekeeping, and a hotel dinner buffet? Fair enough. That’s why you come to Lohono. We offer private chef experiences, meals tailored to your preferences, be it lavish or vegan, daily housekeeping should you want it, and so many more exclusive amenities that we could dare you to find a hotel that offers the same. But we won’t. 

The Lohono Experience

A Lohono villa offers a homely ambiance combined with the luxury of a private retreat. It offers the comfort of having a private kitchen to prepare meals tailored to your preferences and dietary needs that might not be replicated in hotel rooms. Additionally, the availability of a private pool exclusively for your group ensures a relaxing and leisurely time without having to share space or amenities with strangers.

So basically, the choice between booking multiple hotel rooms or a multi-bedroom villa for family vacations, friends’ getaways, or celebrations leans heavily towards the latter for various reasons, we hope you agree now, including cost efficiency, togetherness, and exclusive amenities. The villa experience promises a more intimate, private, and personalised stay, fostering moments that’ll last a lifetime, shared with loved ones that surpass the conventional hotel room setup.