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December 17, 2019

A good holiday stay is not only about finding a soft and cosy bed to sleep in or a roof to spend a night under. There is a lot more than that takes to make a holiday into a special and memorable one. We at Lohono Stays, offer the most unique experience at our villas in Goa, Lonavala, Alibaug and Coonoor. We take things up a notch by making sure to provide the best of in-villa and outside experiences.

Barbecue and Evening drinks*

Barbecue and Evening drinks

Make the best use of the time spent by your private swimming pool and lush lawn by asking Lohono Stays to organize a barbecue night for you. Enjoy a close-knit time with your loved ones roasting each other and the barbecue sticks to enjoy a delicious meal. Add on to the evening bliss by indulging in some tropical cocktails and on the rocks mischief. Let us get you a bartender to shake and stir or fetch you some local spirits.

Swimming and Snorkelling*

Swimming and Snorkelling

Swimming pools are always the key factors in determining where to stay. Lohono’s luxury holidays homes host luscious private swimming pools along with fun activities. During your stay at a Lohono Stays home, you can avail in-villa swimming and snorkelling lessons by certified instructors. Turn your homestay into a fun adventure with Lohono’s swimming and snorkelling lessons.

Yoga classes and Spa*

Yoga classes and Spa by the Pool

If you are not much of an adrenaline junkie and relaxation is all you seek then worry not as Lohono Stays’ luxury villas in Goa, Alibaug, Coonoor and Lonavala offer yoga classes and spa services. Start your day peacefully with meditating amidst lush greenery or stretching in the green lawns. Lay down, relax and enjoy a soothing foot or back rub. All of these services can be brought to you, in your Lohono villa.

Kids Activities*

Kids Activities

A holiday is no fun without the little ones, but then again it is no fun stressing about them. Hence, at Lohono Stays we understand that while on a holiday parents need their own downtime and children need their own fun time. You can avail fun activities like art and craft lessons, games and music sessions, cooking without fire, board games, etc. for your children at our private villas in Goa for rent.

Nature trails*

Nature trails

Lohono Stays has something special for nature lovers too. Being one with nature means attaining true peace and we always do our best to get our guests closer to it. Indulge in bicycle rides, backyard nature trails, visits sanctuaries and local markets or boat rides to watch serene sunsets. Your stay at Lohono Stays will provide it with all.

*Activities are subject to additional costs.

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