Let’s hit the road, shall we?

August 7, 2020

The novel coronavirus has put international travel at a stand-still, however domestic travel has turned out to be a blessing now more than ever before. Recent trends show that more and more families, especially the ones with millennials, have been longing to take a much needed break away from the city chaos. Most people are sceptical of taking a flight or opting for any public transport. Luckily, Lohono Stays by Isprava offers the most stunning villas for rent in Goa, luxury villas for rent in Alibaug and luxury villas in Lonavala. All these serene destinations are at a drivable distance from Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Travel with Lohono

If these serene destinations aren’t reason enough for you to take that much needed break, we give you 5 more reasons.

Gather experiences, make memories

Gather Experiences
With every holiday and every travel we take upon, we begin the journey of gathering new experiences and making memories. These experiences leave us with learnings of a lifetime and memories we’ll cherish forever. Whether it is the first time you go scuba diving in the luscious waters, sky diving into the white skies, meet eyes with a stranger in the unfamiliar streets of a city or a laugh you share with your loved ones in your holiday town, it all turns out to be unforgettable.

Curl-up with your favourite book

Reading Room
Lohono’s luxury holiday homes are filled with cosy nooks and comforting corners and snuggly beds for you to curl up with your favourite book. Many of our homes also have designated study rooms and desks, playful swings and comfy couches to enjoy a good read.

Deep-dive into the pool

Private Pool
Wallow in some down-time by the pool in your private swimming pool. Lohono’s bungalows on rent in Alibaug with swimming pool and villas in Goa for rent with private pool will drown all of your worries and stress. So while everyone is running around splashing guns and balloons you can unwind in an entire pool to yourself and your loved ones.

Curated Meals

Curated meals
Add to the fun of your villa stay with delicious meals curated exclusively for you. Whether you prefer getting takeaways from the best restaurants or indulge in appetizing meals curated by our in-house chef, we have it all planned for you! All you have to do is sit back and relax, while we pamper you.

Yoga and Spa

Detox and de-stress at your Lohono luxury holiday home with the help of yoga and meditation classes or spa services. Our Guest relations team is extremely helpful and prompt and will guide you with all the right places and organise everything.

Picture Courtesy: Pexels, Isprava and Lohono Stays