Mind twisters to beat the lockdown boredom

March 31, 2020


This summer has gotten us all stuck at home, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are sure that just like us, you are missing the sun too. Running around on the wet and crisp grass of our manicured lawns in our holiday villas for rent in Goa, villas for rent in Alibaug and luxury villas in Lonavala under the sun is what we yearn to go back to. This also takes us back to our childhood memories of playing street cricket with the lads or hop-scotch with the girls. However, there were many other fun to-dos that we seem to have forgotten. Here’s us, resurfacing those childhood specials that will help you get through these lockdown days. 

1. Sudoku

This square of numbers always left us all caught up. In true sense, it taught us to be aware of everything that is around us. How to fill all the numbers in one block without letting them overlap was one baffling task. Bring your numerical placements back to life with a game of Sudoku. Find a fun game in the Lohono Times too.

2. Word search

Hidden amongst a sea of letters randomly arranged were words we had to hunt down. Placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, these words helped increase our speed of reading and recognition. 

3. Scrabble


Still popular in e-versions, scrabble was one intellectual game. Forcing your mind to think within the confinement of 7 letters complements the situation of being confined within 4 walls right now. Get back to this game to explore the bandwidth of your English vocabulary. 

4. Crossword 

If working with hints like a detective is your specialty then this game is what you must get playing right now. Back then our knowledge was far more restricted, however, now we would be more likely to finish the entire crossword off. So what are you waiting for?

5. Maze run 

Getting from one end to another without getting stuck in closed areas sent a rush through our veins and still will. Solve as many mazes as you can to save yourself from the trap of this quarantine.