New year resolutions to take on this year

January 3, 2020

I am going to go at least 4 times a week to the gym this year. This year I will not procrastinate and start preparing for exams earlier. I will make sure to spend more time with my family this year. This year I will leave behind all the junk food. We’ve all been through these phases of new year resolutions. However, we all know that we never really end up following them. Mainly because they all miss out on the most important thing – fun! Spare yourself the regret of not complying with your strict and boring resolutions. Instead, spice things up and make yourself a promise to do more fun things year. Here is everything that we think you must take up in 2020!

A rush of adrenaline


“Everybody likes to play safe”. “Precaution is better than cure”. “It’s out of my comfort zone”. Ditch these phrases and get going this year. It’s finally time to take on an adventure of a lifetime. Go sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping or rock climbing. This year let the adrenaline rush through your veins and experience the most daring thing you otherwise would have never done.

Head bangs and your favourite bands

Music concerts

Gear up with the best of your hippie outfits and boots, for this year, is all about enjoying the beats. Concerts are no longer about just standing in the crowd and swaying your hands around, they have so much more to offer. From camping and barbecues to fireworks and fun-filled activities, a concert like Coachella and Tomorrowland is a packaged deal. But hey, these two seem too far-fetched? Then why not visit Sunburn in Goa. You are sure to have a blast.

Home away from home

Villas for rent with best service by Lohono Stays

This year, choose you over the stress and boundaries of work. Take ample of mini-breaks and go holidaying in a home away from home. Gone are the days when one had to put up with the small hotel room, luxury holiday homes spread all around the world are offering the most comfortable stay. These are beautiful private villas for rent spread across acres of land and equipped with the best of amenities. From WiFi connection to concierge service, they have it all. And we are proud to say that Lohono’s villas for rent in Goa, villas for rent in Coonoor, villas for rent in Phuket and private pool villa in Bali hosts the best of home-style service.

Redesign and replenish

Rejuvenate with Lohono Stays

It is time to pick up the hammer or even the scissors and get some redesigning done. This year redo the interiors of your home, indulge in some art and craft or even craft some wood to take a break from the routine work life. Need some inspiration? Check out the luxury villas for sale in Goa or luxury villas for sale in Coonoor and we’re sure you’d be left wanting to own one. 

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