Goa Travel Guide

Travel Guide for Goa

October 27, 2020

As we glide through this mayhem of sorts, aka Covid 19, we have come to realize how important loved ones are. And how important family life can be. With people being cooped up at home for far too long, looking for that one escape to feel whole again it is but obvious that the hospitality industry is facing turmoil, but in a good way. 

What have we learnt so far?

‘Incredible India’ Will Be The New Favourite

With everything happening around the world, people will feel safer traveling closer to home. India has so much to offer in terms of beauty, diversity and culture, so it’s finally time to take notice of its hidden gems.

Road Trips Will Rise

As people do their best to avoid non-essential air travel, the good-old, family road trips will continue to rise.

Close to nature

Travelers are looking for greener spaces and lust locations. Of course it should be luxurious, have the modern amenities, and the safety measures, so you are all set.

On consideration of all 3 points, one location definitely comes to mind, our birthplace – Lohono’s Goa. 

Fairview Estate, Assagaon, GoaFairview Estate, Assagaon, Goa

So why Goa? One may ask 

Goa is not hidden from anyone and it is pretty clear why travelers from all over the world including India love it so much. For starters, everyone knows Goa! I have not met anyone who doesn’t know it. It welcomes literally everyone, people who are quiet and looking for solitude, welcomes people who are ready to rage and solo travelers. Additionally, the state also welcomes people who are looking for that luxurious escape. Guests that Lohono speaks to everyday. 

Plus, Goa has literally everything you can ask for. Beaches, yes, Mountains, yes, Restaurants, yes, Silent spots, yes, Everything, yes!

What to do now?

Simple, add Goa to your travel plan, this pandemic. If you’re still uncertain what to do, we have collated all the basic things you need to know when traveling to Goa – Here is the Goa Travel Guide 

Villa Loto Bianco, Siolim, GoaVilla Loto Bianco, Siolim, Goa

Step 1 – Plan your Goa Trip 

It’s the first step – Now, this depends on traveler to traveler. If you are looking to travel with family members/ loved ones, you will appreciate our super safe, luxurious properties. All homes have a 24-hour gap between stays to ensure that all corners are completely sanitized. Our website is easy to find and it’s even easier to book.  

Igreha Villa A, Siolim, GoaIgreha Villa A, Siolim, Goa

Step 2 – Ensure Safety 

In this pandemic, safety of oneself is imperative. And when travelling with family, it’s critical. The state has laid down travel guidelines for Goa to help all travellers navigate the situation seamlessly. Most places in Goa are open and many stay options have reduced the severity of not having a Covid certification and are taking booking regardless. We, along with a few others, are adamant on tests. This is important since it reduces the risk and shows that the brands are looking out for their staff. 

Rainbowtree House, Anjuna, GoaRainbowtree House, Anjuna, Goa

Goa tourism guidelines

  • Earlier travellers had to carry COVID negative certificates tested within the last two days, or they will have to go through a mandatory check on entering the state. 
  • The ones who have been tested positive will either have to return back or quarantine in Goa itself till the further declaration of results.

But now, Travellers no longer need to carry negative COVID reports while entering the state through land or air travel. Neither is the testing on arrival mandatory nor would you be asked to stay in quarantine. 

Step 3 – Choosing the right stay

Our homes are perfectly poised for the post Covid-19 travel age. With over 20 luxury holiday homes in Goa, Lohono is perfect for road trips, nature retreats and getaways from big cities with friends or family. We pay attention to sanitation, cleanliness, sustainability and conscious living. Besides following strict hygiene protocols, a large number of our luxury villas use recycled materials for home furnishings, incorporate water harvesting techniques and waste segregation. If you are celebrating, our skilled concierge team can offer exceptional gourmet and entertainment experiences for you and your loved ones.

Villa Alenteho, Assagaon, GoaVilla Alenteho, Assagaon, Goa

Step 4 – Take the trip!

Goa is a versatile state with a lot of entertainment avenues and activities for everyone. If you are looking to visit Goa in the summer, monsoon or winters, you will find tons of options for a good time. From the mystic beaches of Ashvem to the heritage walks in Panjim, Goa invites all travellers into its loving arms. 

Our personal favourites, a walk down the Chapora river followed by an unforgettable meal at Ciao Bella. 

It’s perfectly understandable that a few are still skeptical to travel, but rest assured all our homes at Lohono are safe, sanitized and are perfect if you are travelling with oldies and youngsters.