Unconventional things to indulge in when in Goa

August 23, 2019


A typical trip to Goa is marked by a bunch of thunderous parties, some beach escapades, and solemn visits to the churches and forts. However, there are quite a lot of things to engage in there that are not a part of the standard itinerary of Goa, and they happen to be just as indulgent and joyous. Here are a few unconventional things that you can do in when in Goa.


Visit the Butterfly Conservatory



A sanctuary to various kinds of butterflies, the Butterfly Conservatory of Goa is a haven for these colorful beings. Once a barren land, a local family has transformed the space into this treasure. A visit here may not be one of the conventional things to do in Goa, but it surely is as rare as it is beautiful.


Crocodile Safari



If wildlife intrigues you, then you should not miss the boat ride that takes you along the unexplored backwaters of Cumbarjua canal. Sights of the semi-aquatic reptiles, Crocodiles, will keep you entertained throughout, along with the many birds that are frequent visitors here.


Sun downers in Cruise



Restaurants that are perfect for sun downers may be in your list, but what would be better is sipping on a cocktail, looking at the sunset right from the sea. Booking yourself some time in the cruise is a perfect way to unwind. With groovy music, dances, swims, and watching the sun dip into the sea, this is a must-do in Goa!


Trek Away


A hidden treasure, the Devil’s Canyon is a beautiful destination that is unravelled at the end of an enchanting trek. It is a beautiful gorge near the Dudhsagar falls that has a legend surrounding it, making it all the more magical. A trek to this canyon is filled with natural treasures all around and a sense of tranquility that lingers throughout.


Cycle through Old Goa



Laced with a heavy Portuguese touch, Old Goa is a true mirror of the Goan heritage and culture. There is no better way to take a dip into it than by riding through the colorful streets of the town on a bicycle.

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Picture Courtesy: Lonely Planet, Swadesee, Tour my India, Trip Advisor and Wandertrails.