Bringing Local delicacies to your breakfast table

March 5, 2020

At Lohono Stays,  we are constantly trying to outlive our customer’s expectations. We curate experiences that will last with them forever. From simplified booking processes to airport drops, from organising yoga classes to barbecue nights, Lohono’s villas for rent in Goa offer the best of all these experiences and more. It is only natural to do some exploring while on a holiday. Holiday destinations like Goa have so much to offer to tourists like sun kissed beaches, white-washed churches, blue waters, Portuguese style architecture and most importantly its local delicacies. Since pampering our customers is the most important thing to us, we bring the best of Goa’s local delicacies straight to your dining table.

Goan Sausages

A reflection of the Indo-Portuguese culture, and a quintessential part of the Goan heritage, the sausages are made up of boneless pork meat, that is diced, salted and marinated in Goan spices. These soft and long logs are sure to leave your taste buds wanting more.

Goan Poi

The popular Goan poi is a local delicacy. Often in the mornings you can hear vendors going around on their cycle selling fresh hot poi’s. Made from all-purpose flour, wheat and bran, poi is leavened using toddy (local palm liqueur), which gives it a distinctive character, at your Lohono villas in Goa for rent with private pool.

Fresh fruits

Juicy watermelons and papayas, glistening apples and oranges, plush grapes and plums, nourishing bananas, sweet tasting pineapple and coconut is what you can look forward to from the early morning Goan market. We pick up fresh lots of fruits to get you the right dose of all essential nutrients in the morning.

Fresh cut vegetables

Our in-house chef cooks an appetizing meal made from fresh cut vegetables. Add the right flavours to your Holi party with a delicious meal curated exclusively for you and your friends. Home-cooked meals made straight from garden-fresh ingredients and laid onto your table. Avail a complimentary home-cooked meal on your Holi booking with us for your Holi celebration in Goa.

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