Beautiful villa by Lohono Stays

Pre-wedding Shoots at Lohono Stays

January 17, 2020

Lohono Stays is always looking for ways to make the stay of our guests as comfortable and convenient as possible. We keep incorporating new, fun and exciting amenities, facilities and activities to our home-stay experience, to ensure that we offer the best holiday for our guests. Following the same trail of thought, we would like to introduce our guests to pre-wedding shoots at Lohono Stays luxury villas for rent in Goa, villas for rent in Coonoor, villas for rent in Alibaug and luxury villas in Lonavala.

Terrace seating

Lohono’s Goa villas for rent, luxury villas for rent in Alibaug, villas in Lonavala and Coonoor villas for rent feature signature aesthetics showcasing timeless appeal. Our homes are bespoke with picturesque views, proposing the perfect locations for pre-wedding photography. Our homes are spacious, offering leeway for the perfect set-up and equipments needed to get the perfect shot while capturing memories of a lifetime. The elaborate windows in all our homes allow rays of the sun to naturally light up the entire home, hence, providing the best lighting. Our homes host lush lawns and backyards and charming exteriors, perfect for outdoor shots. The terraces in our homes too are blessed with natural lighting and serene views of the sky, making them the ideal backdrop. Each room in our homes tells a different story, adding to the range of choices for shooting. The shades and patterns of walls and flooring are sure to add special textures to pictures.

Soft and cosy king-sized beds

Our soft and cosy king-sized beds offer an idyllic spot to bring out the brides’ henna filled hands or the groom’s tuxedo. Royalty and elegance are what a Lohono Stays home stands for, complementing the features of a wedding shoot.  This is why Lohono Stay’s holiday homes the ideal location to have your pre-wedding photoshoot.