Top fine-dine restaurants in Alibaug

December 26, 2023

A break, quick or extended, once in a while is a ritual for many today. It is important to seek some change of location, environment, and mind, even if only for a few days or a weekend. This is what makes weekend family-friendly destinations near Mumbai welcoming throughout the year. One of the best places to visit near Mumbai is the coastal town of Alibaug, which is home to unparalleled local seafood experiences, nature-ridden restaurants by the sea, and luxury holiday homes. Here is our roundup of the best fine dining in Alibaug, perfect to give your taste buds an enriching culinary tour.

Mumbai makes for a great getaway. Our luxury holiday homes in Alibaug make for perfect stay options there too. With their luxurious yet comfortable amenities and aesthetic, signature to our villas in Goa for stay and villas in Coonoor, they are meant to complete your holiday experience in every way. As for the culinary treats in Alibaug, here are our top choices!

Boardwalk by Flamboyant

A Greek-themed waterfront restaurant on the coast of Mandwa, Boardwalk by Flamboyant is ideal for sunset dining. With stunning views of the Arabian Sea, delectable Mediterranean cuisine, and more, the restaurant is an inviting fine dining in Alibaug which also doubles as one of the best Instagrammable spots near Mumbai. A posh 5-bedroom nature retreat from Mumbai, Riyuvann villa is also just a short distance away.

So is The Ray, one of the most luxurious family-friendly destinations near Mumbai with private chef services and elevated culinary offerings in Alibaug. From relishing European delicacies including woodfire pizzas in its private dining area to a nourishing floating breakfast in the pool, this is a culinary tour at its finest.

Kiki’s Café and Deli

A warm and cosy restaurant, laced with quirky décor, Kiki’s Café and Deli overlooks the sea and exudes a laid-back yet sophisticated vibe. Complete with delicious dishes and a soothing ambiance, it is a must-experience beachside dining in Alibaug. It is a moderate distance away from villas by the beach near Mumbai like Villa Beira Mar, serving as an opportunity to make your day trip from Mumbai into a rejuvenating weekend instead. This is where you not only relish Alibaug’s gourmet dining experiences but also feed your zest for life with panoramic sea views, a manicured lawn with a gazebo, and a private pool.

Our nature-bound villas like Orchard House and Laterite House are also a short ride away from this award-winning restaurant in Alibaug, promising you a retreat steeped in culinary pleasure, comfort, luxury, and relaxation together. Dine with a view in Alibaugh’s Orchard House and indulge in fresh gourmet North Indian and Continental spread in the tropical and chic Laterite House.

Kokum & Spice

Located in Radisson Blu, Alibaug, Kokum & Spice is a Konkani fine-dining in Alibaug that takes you on an epicurean journey in Alibaug’s locale, an experience punctuated by a lavish serving experience, impeccable quality, and wholesome taste. Upon visiting the restaurant, you may be overcome by a wish to experience its culinary magic yet again. Fortunately, our villas in Alibaugh like Riyuvann Villa and Vila Beira Mar also serve as the best places to visit near Mumbai.

Along with swanky interiors and lush surroundings, these villas bring forth their experience of upscale dining in Alibaug. From sipping cocktails in Villa Beira Mar’s private pool and Riyuvann Villa’s jacuzzi to experiencing the culinary delights of private chef services, this is the epitome of an artisanal food experience near Mumbai.

Top fine dining places near Alibaug

Saltt – Karjat

A diverse menu of comforting delights and farm-fresh cocktails awaits you at this Instagrammable spot near Mumbai. When on a short trip from Mumbai, a scenic detour from Alibaugh to Karjat can prove to be therapeutic with Saltt’s rustic yet sophisticated charm. The restaurant serves a delectable fusion of European, Asian, and Indian cuisines. The surrounding lush greenery, tranquil ponds, and the gentle quacking of ducks only enhance this family-friendly destination near Mumbai.

Maharajah House

About 50 minutes away from Alibaug t is a riverside dining spot in Karjat Alibaug, Maharajah House. A 4-bedroom luxury stay, the house complements its mountain views and riverside charm with its exceptional farm-to-table food experience. With each dish cooked with a unique blend of flavours and recipes, its culinary indulgence is highlighted by cheese-making and tasting experiences. Home-grown fruits, vegetables, and in-house dairy products including about 40 types of cheese, lend its farm-to-table delicacies near Alibaug a wholesome touch.

A great food experience is the key to a great holiday. When it comes to our holiday homes across India too, our hospitality services cater to every requirement including culinary needs. Our concierge and guest managers love arranging any dish that you wish to relish. Safe to say, your next short trip from Mumbai with Lohono Stays by Isprava will be no less than a luxury.