Holi with your friends

Celebrate Holi with friends at Lohono

February 27, 2020


This festival of colours is going to be unlike any other. Lohono Stays brings to you the best villa package deal. Celebrate Holi with your friends in our villas for rent in Goa and villas for rent in Alibaug and avail special benefits. Here’s what your Holi could look like at Lohono’s Goa villas for rent and Alibaug villa on rent. 

 1. Pool some Holi

Private pool

This Holi is all about going grand. Why would you settle for just water guns and balloons when we have a whole pool awaiting you. So gather all your friends and jump right in, fool around with fun pool accessories, and lift your spirits with our complimentary drinks. The pools in our villas are large and hygienic, making them an idyllic spot to drown all your worries and have an absolutely amazing time. 

 2. Curated meals 

Curated meals

We have organised an entire platter of tasteful treats for you. From the best of local favourites to salivating in-house meals, we can provide it with all. You can now avail a complimentary meal at the famous S. E. A restaurant in Goa or a meal curated specially for you by our in-house chef in your villa. 

 3. Game on

Games and more 

Lohono’s luxury villas for rent in Goa and luxury villas for rent in Alibaug and Lonavala come fully stocked with a variety of board games. The best of board games coupled with your villas large living rooms and other common areas are sure to add to the competitive spirit of you and your friends. 

 4. Barbecue nights

BBQ night  

What’s better than laughing uncontrollably until your stomach hurts with your friends? A barbecue night with them. After the cool winds and water have frozen you enough, indulge in a barbecue night organised by Lohono for you. Get in touch with your Guest Relations manager to have it all set up. 

 5. Do nothing at all

Rooms to relax 

If you are looking to escape the stress of the city’s hustle-bustle and do nothing at all, head straight to Lohono’s holiday homes along with your friends. Here you can enjoy uninterrupted privacy while we pamper you.