What Your Valentine’s Day Looks Like at an Isprava Home

What your Valentine’s day looks like at Lohono Stays

February 10, 2019

Getaways from the routine lifestyle are a mere necessity. Given the importance of vacations, we have learnt to incorporate them into our schedules every now and then. Now, what makes these holidays all the more eventful and rejuvenating is the company of our near and dear ones. And with Valentine’s Day on the calendar, a quick getaway with your beloved would be an ideal vacation as well a celebration. From what we believe, that day is less about gifts, chocolates, and candlelight dinner and more about some quality time spent with your significant other.

We have curated an itinerary to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in the right sense at Lohono Stays holiday homes in Goa and Alibaug.

Begin your day with a wholesome spread of breakfast

breakfast in goa
There is nothing better than waking up to a scrumptious breakfast that is not just healthy but also appetizing. And that is an imperative part of our luxury homes across India and should definitely be a part of your Valentine’s Day too.

Take a romantic stroll at the beach

beaches in goa
Vacationing at a destination that is part tranquillity and part vibrant is something everyone would like; especially, if that destination is bordered by beaches. So when you are taking some time off the world along with your partner in Goa, romantic strolls at the beach go without saying.

Treat yourself to authentic Goan meal

Goa cuisine
When in Goa, one cannot leave the place without indulging in authentic Goa cuisine. From shacks to fine-dining, there is an option for every budget and every preference. A little exploring and experimenting with the culinary skills of Goa along with your beloved would be a great way to spend the rest of the noon.

Release the stress at the spa and dip into the pool

private pool in goa
Your day in Goa also needs to include some self-care indulgences. What we strongly recommend is the luxury of spa services and a private pool at our villas in Goa. Release the stress of the contemporary lifestyle with our luxury services that are just a call away.

Converse with your partner over a romantic dinner

Goa’s lavish dinner spots
After being released off the strain with our luxe amenities, a few hearty conversations with your significant other over a grand fine dine would be apt, wouldn’t it? Well, leave it to our concierge to book you a table at one of Goa’s lavish dinner spots.

This romantic getaway in a Lohono villa with your companion is all about spending some time away together, restoring your energy back, and spending Valentine’s in the most ideal way there is!