Lohono’s favourite board games

April 2, 2020

Tick-tock, doors locked, roads blocked! A catastrophic atmosphere has taken over and we can all agree on a feeling of uneasiness in our stomachs. While unpleasant thoughts might be clouding over our head, we have come up with solutions to clear them out. Enter the world of fun and concentration to escape the worries. These board games will help take your mind off everything unnecessary. 

1. Cluedo 


Put on your detective hat and find out who was murdered by whom using what weapon in which room. This game is the perfect way to enter a world of dark secrets and escape reality. Make the best use of your observation skills to steal the title of the winner. 

2. Monopoly 


The markets and all businesses may be shut down, but in Monopoly’s world, the transactions are still ongoing. Buying as many properties as you can, charging high rent and building hotels is what empowers you in this game. So don’t let dust catch on your game box and get playing!

3. Ludo 


A classic favourite, this game is all about getting home first while cutting our everybody else in your way. Indulge in a game of ludo and you’re sure to make frenemies out of your loved ones. 

4. Sequence


Strategy, coordination and a dash of luck is what this game is based out of. The faster you and your teammates form a sequence, the closer you are to winning. So pick up the coins and pray to get the jacks, as this game promises a fun-filled time at home. 

5. Twister 


Too lazy to exercise? Don’t have access to dumbbells or a yoga ball? Spice it up with a game of twisters. Find yourself and competitors in tangled knots as the arrow on the board goes spinning. Twister is a healthy mix of fun and exercise, making you stretch different body parts to different corners.