Goa's Best Kept Secret

Goa’s Best-Kept Secret

December 24, 2020

The allure to laze in the azure pool. Winding paths amidst lush greens. Lohono has curated a life as good as sheer poetry, almost Hemingwayesque, urging you to take a chance and connect with yourself and your loved ones.

Villa Amorzito

Get a villa for rent in North Goa through Lohono and escape from your mundane urban existence. Sit back and enjoy the clear blue sky from the pool or the breezy evening walk amidst the intuitive hospitality by Lohono. 

Fonteira Villa

Lohono by Isprava has handpicked the best Villas in Goa for stay with crafted experiences and a wave of a susegad lifestyle. These Villas are Goa’s best-kept secret, rent a villa in Goa and you can enjoy the quiet, laid back life and still be close to North Goa’s buzzing entertainment scene. 

Villa on rent

Get a bungalow on rent in Goa and sit back and enjoy the vacation you deserve.