Villas on Rent in Alibaug

Spending Winters in Alibaug

October 9, 2020

Alibaug at the moment is the perfect option for those looking for a quick recreational getaway. The ideal time to visit Alibaug is literally anytime in the year. Whether summers, monsoons or winters our Villas in Alibaug on rent are on point for any and every event.

Outside Seating in Lohono Villa

During winter, a lot of people like to travel. There are a number of winter getaways in Maharashtra. Be it a serene beach location or chilly hinterlands, the winter season gives you all kinds of travel options to plan your holiday.

Winter Getaways in Maharashtra

Winter in Alibaug starts in the month of November and goes on till February. The weather is pleasant during this time and ideal for cosy winter escape. You will also see a lot of tourists and friendly beasts here at this time.

Pleasant Weather & Scenery in Alibaug

Now that you’ve made your mind, let’s talk about the rental options at Alibaug. There are numerous options for everyone ranging from renting a single room to renting bungalows in Alibaug. But, if you are looking for safe places to stay, luxury villa options and are traveling in large groups, our villas with a private pool in Alibaug match this requirement perfectly.

Villas with Private Pool in Alibaug

All our homes are thoughtfully designed from spaces to upholstery with breathtaking views from every window and unparalleled hospitality. When you plan to visit Alibaug next, try Lohono’s Alibaug.