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Holiday Destinations in India to Spend Your Holidays At

June 12, 2019

India is indeed a bird of gold. And we say this not just because of the wealth the country was born with but also because of its colourful diversity and culture. And that is exactly what makes it an attractive destination to explore and lose oneself for people from across the world. With every state and city exhibiting distinct traditions, lifestyle, and heavenly landscapes, there is something unique with every place you travel to in this country.

Nilgiris Hills

Beautiful Nilgiri hills

With colourful houses perched on top of green hills, roofs submerged in fog and air filled with divinity, it will be wrong to call the Nilgiris just a hill-station. The picturesque views of the hills, slopes clad in plantations, and weather that soothes your soul makes it a destination that is popularly visited all-year round. Moreover, our houses for sale in Nilgiris are situated at locations that connect them well with the best spots of the hills.


Forts of Rajasthan

A culture so raw and vibrant, there is no better place than Rajasthan to experience it. Folk dance and music, traditional artistry, and delectable cuisine make this state a furthermore appealing one. It’s laced with a charisma that cannot be found on any other land.


Best villas in Goa by Lohono stays

Complete with a variety of beaches, each offering a different ambiance and the joyous buzz of the place’s nightlife, Goa is a must visit in India whether you are a fan of some peace or partying. It is also a hub of cuisine and culture that merges that of the Mughals and Portuguese, of course, with a touch of the authentic Indian culture. Our villas for rent in North Goa are well-connected with the most happening hubs of the state.


Kerala Tourism

Rightfully known as ‘God’s own country’, Kerala takes every tourist to a world that was there before civilization. It brims with lush green tea plantations everywhere you look, meandering roads through these slopes, and tranquil backwaters. This masterpiece of nature also paves the way for adventurous activities.


Soul searching in Himachal

With a massive Tibetan influence and the beautiful presence of the Himalayas, there is nothing that a trip to Himachal cannot cure. Snow-capped mountains fill the skyline with quaint villages marking most of the state. Every corner of Himachal calls for adventures, soul-searching, and weather that is best enjoyed with a steaming cup of beverage.

There is nothing better than a trip with your beloved to the country’s topmost destinations. What is even better is staying at a holiday home away from home at one of these locations!

Picture Credits: Tourmadly, ClearTrip, Goibibo and Holidify.