Stay healthy at home

March 24, 2020


These testing times are sure to leave us all impatient and suffocated. The fear of COVID-19 has spread faster than the virus itself. The government is taking strict measures to curb the situation. Citizens are being asked to refrain from crossing the boundaries of their homes. However, there exists a greater fear than that of the virus, the fear of boredom. Confined in our homes, everybody is wondering what to do next. Here are a few tips that we have curated for you to enjoy the best of staying at home.

1. Let’s get healthy


The most crucial thing to do right now is to get healthy and this should be on the top of everybody’s list. By staying fit and healthy you will not only be protecting yourself, but also everybody around you. Start with dedicating one hour to exercising at home. Begin with basic stretching and easy yoga asans. Try mastering the Surya Namaskar, and you will be surprised to see the number of benefits this circuit of exercises has. Once your body is all warmed up, shift to other home-friendly exercises like squats, push-ups, crunches, mountain climbers and planks. Eventually your body will grow so used to exercising that even when the quarantine is uplifted, the healthy habit will stay, And then ofcourse, you can always increase your fitness level with Lohono’s fitness retreats at our villas for rent in Goa, villas for rent in Alibaug and villas for rent in Lonavala.

2. Master-chef you

We are sure that everybody’s pantry is fully stocked up. So why not put on your chef cap and try a hand or two at cooking something delicious. From baking cupcakes and cookies to spicing up some hot curries, now is the time for trial and error. Try a new dish, cuisine or even a smoothie every day. Who knows, you might just collect all the right reasons or may we say recipes to not go back to work.

3. Game on

Caught, Uno, oh no! Check-mate! Not my den! All in, call! It is time to bring to the table all those childhood favourites that have been collecting dust. Take out all your games, gather all your family members and uplift the competitive spirits at home. Indulge in some fun board games or even dark room. These are a great way of taking your mind off everything that stresses you out and simply relaxing.

4. The temple of knowledge

It is time to feed your temple of knowledge. Enough of “I do not have time” “I’ll do it later” “I’ll do it on the weekend”. All you have is now and all you have is time. So take up some exciting online courses or finish the problem-solving sums you once started. Take on crosswords or the Suduko challenge. Read up on some interesting articles and case studies. Allow your mind to be at par with the happening around the world while your body rests at home.

5. Catch-up with your imagination

Escape reality and get lost in the magical world of your imagination. What goes best with imagination? A fun and thrilling fiction book. So blow of the dust collected on your book-shelf, ease your mind and get your mind to thinking. It’s time to give your eyes a break from the screen and get them onto reading script on paper.

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