Top 5 locations to spend New Year’s in India

November 26, 2019

While celebrating the year end in an exotic destination abroad sounds like an appealing idea, the thought of being away from your loved ones while you enter the New Year is dis-heartening. It is safe to assume that not everyone from your close-knit circle would be able to take a trip abroad. So why not getaway to some of the pristine locations in India?  India is home to some beautiful cities and towns where you can spend a heart-warming New Year with your family and friends.

1. Jaipur

When you think of Jaipur, do images of royalty, grandeur, and opulence come to mind? Enter Srinivas – a palatial abode epitomising regal splendour and luxury, beckoning you to immerse yourself in an experience fit for kings and queens. At Lohono, we invite you to indulge in the epitome of extravagance and heritage.

Nestled within the ‘Pink City,’ with only a few hours’ drive distance from Delhi to Jaipur, Srinivas stands as a testament to Jaipur’s royal legacy, offering a majestic venue for an exclusive New Year’s celebration. The aura of this residence, reminiscent of the city’s historic forts and palaces, sets the stage for a truly opulent affair. Imagine stepping into an ambience adorned with intricate architectural details, adorned with regal furnishings, and steeped in rich cultural heritage. As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, envision a spectacle of fireworks illuminating the night sky. Savour the tantalising flavours of authentic Rajasthani cuisine, curated to perfection by our skilled private chefs.

2. Goa

This carefree beach state has to be at the top of our list and is an absolute favourite. From hosting the best of parties to a stroll by the beach side, from laying down in the lawn of your bungalow for rent in Goa to relishing in an exquisite meal, there is nothing that Goa does not have to offer to spend an endearing New Year.

3. Alibaug

This quiet town, often known as “The Hamptons” is the right New Year spot for those who love a barbecue night coupled with tropical cocktails and spirits on the rocks. Laying back on a chair with a skewer in one hand, looking up at the stars and listening to the ocean whistle into your ears is what a New Year’s Eve looks like over here. Nothing says relaxing getaway more like strumming the strings of the guitar and singing old tunes with your old pals.

4. Lonavala

For those who love to take charge and throw fun-filled parties but are restricted because of their tiny homes in cities, head straight to Lonavala.  Lonavala anchors bespoke luxury holiday homes and Lohono Stays by Isprava has handpicked the best ones. These homes are the ideal spot to host a fun-loving get-together without disturbing the neighbours.

5. Coonoor

If you are for cosy nooks and a cup of hot chocolate by the bone fire then Coonoor is the place to be. The end of December sees the best of weather in this city. Get lost in the beauty of the lush tea plantations and away from the bustling noise of the city. Coonoor is the perfect spot to spend an intimate New Years with your near and dear ones. Lohono’s villas in Coonoor are equipped with the best of in-house facilities to wrap your stay with supreme luxury and privacy.

The end of the year only means the beginning of something bigger and better. 


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