One Day Trip Near Mumbai You Always Wanted

June 16, 2024

Mumbai might be a bustling metropolis, but tranquillity is just a short drive away! Swap the cityscapes for scenic hills, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, or sparkling beaches. Hike through nature, relax by the water, or have a charming beachside one-day trip away from Mumbai city.

Even if a long vacation isn’t on the cards, these incredible one day picnic spots near Mumbai are perfect for a refresh.


Nestled around 80 kilometres from Mumbai, Lonavala stands as the quintessential one-day getaway destination. Perfect for a quick detox, a trip to Lonavala offers a wholesome travel experience. The drive itself, with scenic hill views and good music, is rejuvenating. On your way, make sure to stop by local shops for some delicious dry-fruits brittles  (chikki), a traditional Indian sweet made from nuts and jaggery or sugar.

Lonavala boasts several must-visit picnic spots. Lion Point and Tiger Point offer unparalleled panoramic views, making for an unforgettable local experience. For a serene escape, visit Ryewood Park and Sakur Plateau. These idyllic havens are perfect for picnics; just pack your basket, spread a blanket, and soak in the tranquillity.

No trip to Lonavala is complete without indulging in the legendary Cooper’s Fudge. This thick, creamy treat is a must-have. Their new venture, offering continental fare, refreshing drinks, and a wide array of desserts amidst beautiful scenery, is the perfect spot for an early dinner bathed in soft, warm light. A cosy picnic spot in Lonavala. 

If you wish to extend your stay, Bamboo Breeze by Lohono Stays awaits. This luxurious 4-bedroom villa is a haven of relaxation. Enjoy meals on the open terrace, invigorated by the fresh mountain air and stunning scenery. The villa is perfect for families, featuring a dedicated kids’ room, a playroom, a mini theatre, and a refreshing pool. Unwind with loved ones at the bar area, sharing stories and laughter under the starlit sky.


Escape to Mahabaleshwar, a hill station renowned for its therapeutic ambiance. Enveloped in lush greenery, scenic roads, and expansive strawberry fields, it offers a picture-perfect retreat. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets from various vantage points while savouring local delicacies like hot corn fritters.

A must visit picnic spot near Mumbai is Tapola Lake. Just 30 kilometres from Mahabaleshwar lies this paradise, often referred to as ‘Mini Kashmir.’ The serene Shivsagar Lake, a centrepiece of Tapola’s ecotourism, provides a

tranquil escape. For history enthusiasts, the majestic Morarji Castle is a must-visit. This architectural gem, with its British-style grandeur, offers a fascinating glimpse into colonial India. Drive around the estate and marvel at the spectacular views of these historic structures.

For those seeking a luxurious stay, Lohono Stays presents Vinayalam, a jewel amidst the Western Ghats. Nestled among verdant forests, waterfalls, hills, and valleys, this villa combines a contemporary facade with cosy interiors to create a home away from home. Relax on the inviting outdoor seating, enjoy a game night, and experience true luxury with unparalleled hospitality.


If a beach getaway is on your agenda, Alibaug is a must-visit one day  picnic spot near Mumbai.Just a 50-minute jetty ride from Mumbai, this “mini Goa” of Maharashtra offers a heartwarming escape. Discover a range of beaches with spectacular views, including the relatively undiscovered Rewas and Kashid, ideal for peaceful early morning walk, short evening drives or a one-day picnic near Mumbai.

Alibaug’s culinary delights are not to be missed. Savour coconut-based curries, tantalising Malvani spices, and a delightful array of seafood, all perfectly complemented by hot rice flatbread. This Konkani cuisine is a feast for the senses, with the refreshing cold solkadhi providing a perfect finale, leaving you content and satisfied.

For a luxurious One day picnic near Mumbai, consider Santorini by Lohono Stays. This Greek-style villa features stunning Mediterranean architecture, which shines against the backdrop of a pink and orange sky. Complete with a charming gazebo and a refreshing swimming pool, it provides the perfect setting to unwind. Enjoy a leisurely sundowner and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the coastal evening.


Karjat has unveiled brand-new attractions, making it an ideal hill station getaway just 63 kilometres (1.5 hours) from Mumbai, a must visit one day picnic spot near Mumbai. With the newly constructed Ram Setu Bridge, the scenic drive to Karjat is more enjoyable than ever.

This charming destination is known for its enchanting waterfalls, offering a refreshing escape. Adventure enthusiasts can engage in trekking and rock climbing amidst Karjat’s stunning natural landscape. 

For a charming lunch outing, visit Oleander Farms, a cute picnic spot near Mumbai.  A lush green property featuring a variety of cafes and restaurants. Saltt, a restaurant and bar, provides access to the expansive outdoors and a serene green landscape. Enjoy picturesque surroundings with lakeside and hilltop views while savouring craft beer and a wide variety of cocktails. Before you leave, stop by the Coco Cart store to grab a bag of assorted chocolates.

For a perfect one-day picnic near Mumbai, consider a villa vacation. Villa Athini, located right on the riverside in Karjat, is a sanctuary for those seeking to be enveloped by nature while enjoying luxurious amenities. This 4-bedroom villa features a private pool and jacuzzi, elevating your comfort. Enjoy a hearty meal on the deck as the river flows nearby, take a refreshing dip in your private pool, or spend your afternoons lounging with a good book or playing board games with your family.

This list highlights quintessential destinations perfect for a one-day trip near Mumbai. Whether you’re seeking a quick escape or planning your itinerary as a visitor, these beautiful spots offer enriching experiences. For a truly memorable getaway, consider staying with Lohono Stays.